The Heart On My American Sleeve

THOMAS is my father. I am eternally grateful for his love, guidance, patience and everything else that made him a great father. For the faith and values that he instilled within my heart and soul. And from that heart and soul, this collection of poems and verses were sculpted with all of the wonderful gifts he and my mother have given me.
I found my love for writing when I moved to Amsterdam back in ’97. I was inspired by my new surroundings and living on the “holy ground.” I have moments where things just come to me and my creative energy just flows. I moved again back to Europe, and well, 2020 happened, and that energy has surfaced again.

I dedicate this collection to
my mentor, my hero, my Dad.

* * *

So in Love – I wrote this song for my mother, recorded myself singing it and sent it to her in December of last year. She swooned. I also sang it to her live, in the hour of her passing. 

Things Happen For A Reason – After living in Amsterdam for 8 years, I wrote this poem as I tried to decide whether to stay longer or move back to the USA.  I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 2 years and my company had offered me a lateral position back in Atlanta.  I really love this poem.  I hope you like it!

Lisbon Covid Lockdown Thoughts – So, with Portugal currently having the worst Covid numbers in the world, we are now on 100% locked down and sheltering in place until the end of February.  We are allowed to go out for individual exercise and to grocery shop. That’s it. So, instead of eating all day, I did a little writing. Hope you like it.

Grandma – I wrote this for Grandma and read it at her funeral in 2002. It was one of the first poems I wrote.

This is another one that I wrote while living in Amsterdam.

I’m Grateful

Keep Swinging

Dream Big

Do it your way

Being Lisbon Covid Responsible

On the Streets of Lisbon

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