My Trip to Sao miguel, the azores!!!

I took a 10 day trip to the Azores and visited 4 of the 9 islands: Sao Miguel, Pico, Faial and Terceira. They were all such fantastic places and I had so many great experiences visiting the historic sites, meeting new friends, eating great food and just having so much fun. This post will focus on my time on San Miguel because I think I took over 1000 pictures and flew my drone around so much, there is just too much to show. So, I going to show you a 6 minute video (below), post some of the most amazing pictures, and tell you a few great stories of my time there!

What a great day 1 on the Azores! Started at Lagoa das Sete Cidades. Great panoramic shots and flew my drone around. When I first arrived, It was totally clouded over and I thought the visit was ruined. But on an Island with 4 seasons, all you have to do is wait! So, I drove down down into the city and had some lunch at a great restaurant called Lagoa Azul. They had some amazing things on the menu like rabbit, beef, pork, various different types of fish and Octopus, which I now love to eat! Things amazingly cleared up after lunch and I was able to fly my drone around and get some great pictures of which you’ll see in the video!

It definitely cleared up during the day and I took the opportunity to visit the Miradouro do Lagoa do Fogo. It was very windy but my drone handled things quite well. It is just so peaceful and beautiful there! Great to just sit, relax and meditate a bit. Life is good!!

Next, I visited Poça da Dona Beija & Parque TerraNostra Geo-thermal pools! The naturally hot, iron-rich water inside these therapeutic pools comes from the Furnas Volcano . It reaches the pools at an average temperature of 39º C (102º F). Highlight of the trip so far!

I took a whale watching boat tour that I heard about from some friends I met on the plane ride over from Lisbon to Ponta Delgado. I ended up booking the same trip as they did! We were so lucky that we got to see TWO Blue whales breach which is rare for this time of the year. Then we saw some dolphins playing around the boat as we returned to the port. So much fun!!

Later that afternoon. I went to Salto do Cabrito, a famous waterfall here and the I went to another geo-thermal hot spring called Caldeira Velha. I then stopped at a few more Miradouros (look out spots). So much beauty here!

While in Furnas, I had Cozido. I did get the OK from my cardiologist so I could order it, lol!
Wrapped in a kale leaf, layers of the following sequence are pork, beef, cabbage, kale, potatoes, yams, carrots, chicken, chorizo, and blood pudding. It is cooked in a clay pot in the ground, which is heated by the volcanic stream of heat only in Furnas. It’s slow cooks for about 6 to 8 hours and wow was it amazing! I had to take several pictures at different angles just because it’s so unique to Portugal!!

I did so much on on the Island of Sao Miguel! I hope you enjoy the pictures and this video! Ciao Ciao!!

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