Lisbon Christmas Lights 2022

This is my third Christmas now in Lisbon and let me tell you, they love Christmas here and know how to do it right! Over 2 million lights are put up on the streets of Lisbon throughout all of the neighborhoods. Each year has been completely different from the last. I don’t know how they do that. Perhaps the country shares and switches the light configurations between city to city to city each year. But, it’s always so beautiful!

Due to the war in Ukraine this year, Portugal decided to turn the lights on only December 3rd through Jan 3rd. Last year, they were up from mid-November until mid-January. And, this year they are only turned on from 6:00pm and then shut off at 11:00pm. All due to the energy crisis caused by the war the Russians decided to start.

Even though the time has been reduced and the hours have been reduced, there is still that fantastic Lisbon Christmas vibe here! So much Christmas cheer! This year, I decided to document all of the streets, squares and various locations of the over two million lights with my drone! I had to get special permission from the government, so I hope you enjoy the movie! Feliz Natal! Merry Christmas!!!

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