Lisbon Covid Lockdown Thoughts…

So, with Portugal currently having the worst Covid numbers in the world, we are now on 100% locked down and sheltering in place until the end of February.  We are allowed to go out for individual exercise and to grocery shop. That’s it. So, instead of eating all day, I did a little writing. Hope you like it.

Keep raising your honor
Keep raising your spirit
Against the gauntlet of oppression
Keep doing your morning sit-ups.
Even when they become afternoon sit-ups.
Coffee up
Amongst mantras of focus forgiveness and courage
Challenge yourself to defeat procrastination
Continue that PMA, your Positive Mental Attitude
As we are living through a hurricane of distraction and destruction
And whether you believe it’s purposeful and planned
Or just dumb luck in the natural order of things
Whether you believe it’s about chaos and control
Or just nature coughing in the wind.
Almost doesn’t matter
When it comes to the challenge of getting through it
Stronger than you were before
To ignore the voices of destruction and despair and to lean into the voices provoking acts of faith and courage.
Even if it’s just heroically getting out of bed
To do your morning sit-ups, even if
In the middle of the afternoon.

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