Do it your way

Do it your way
Don’t cave to the crowd
Resist group think
Your individuality is the core of your charisma
You give that away
You give away your magnetism
Your soul
Your soul magnets
A couple years ago
Everything I just wrote could be on the inside flap of any self help book
Today it almost feels dangerous to say
Resist group think
Don’t cave to the crowd
That in and of itself should set off alarm bells
I met a street performer on the Praca de Comercia plaza here in Lisboa.  He played guitar.
I asked him if he would play Sinatra
One of my Dad’s favorites
He went into a breakdown about how ‘My Way’ was a terrible song because of the message of individuality contained within.
“I did it….My Way”
I guess he felt like being an individual is a dangerous act. Or even careless.
I was taken aback
Cause I see it the opposite.
Life is a fight.
A fight for your dreams
A fight for your love
And a fight to make it livable.
It’s the individuals who have inspired me
Like beacons of light in a cold grey world.
Take them away
And what are we left with?
Robots droning on into oblivion.
And the idea that if you are an individual somehow you don’t care for the well being of others is hogwash wrapped in gobilygook.
Don’t cave to the crowd
Resist group think
Do it your way.
We need you.

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