Being Lisbon Covid Responsible

The wake up call
A cold shower
One, or two, or three sit-ups
One hopeful prayer
A bird flying in wings of despair
Is the world becoming a Pink Floyd video from an outtake of The Wall?
Characters masked up moving in line
No longer sure of what they’re supposed to be afraid of
They just know they’re supposed to be afraid.

But….Let’s handle the whole thing 
One dream at a time
Did you enjoy your morning coffee?
Did you do your sit-ups?
It’s hard to find answers 
When all the time overwhelmed by new questions
And new layers of confusion. 
But let’s handle it. 
One dream at a time
Heading back out there
Into the open spaces
With everybody up in arms about how it’s supposed to be. 
Moving in fragmented lines 
Trying to surrender. 
Or, trying not to surrender.
I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.  Repeat.
One dream at a time.

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