Mary Tranovich Hudak Savko, such a life
Dreaming now with lilies and angels in her head
How could anyone really know, what a life,
Wisdom from her Tar Run Road head
She’s like Michelangelo, all her life,
Moving pictures painted, influence with every word she said
From Hartzell Avenue you know, what a wife,
Lessons taught to three, proven right instead

Destined for happiness, resulting in entireness, She was Mary

Mary Tranovich Hudak Savko, you certainly said your prayers
And three turned into more than Thirty-three
From the farm near the end of New Run, this onion with multiple layers,
She’s now with John and Mike, resting peacefully
She’s really with God you know, committed against nay-sayers,
You are in everyone’s memory
All dressed up and a great place to go, dancing with all the golden players
No need for concern, no need for remained worry

Disappearing into continents, post cards with compliments, She was Mary

Mary Tranovich Hudak Savko, all the little things you do
Innocently, honestly and ever so intentionally
What she doesn’t know, we all took a piece of you
Fortunately, comfortably and never unwaveringly
Her offspring willfully show, their love is true
Atmospherically, Empirically, and most especially
Children now on their own, sincerity will only prove
Hopefully, residually, and ever so incredibly

Absent of any regret, No one will ever forget, She was Mary

Mary Tranovich Hudak Savko, you were always the glue,
From the heat inside Sturmann’s, to the bee’s and ducks on the farm
From all the places you would go, somehow you just knew,
No need for concerns, we were teased with your luck and your charm
Wrapped in grace, a beautiful glow, so deep inside of you,
As beaming sunlight returns, her memory held in everyone’s arm
Christmas Eve dinners all invited would show, and we all sang the song,
Her reflection in us forever burns, She’s eased into a peaceful calm

You gave us one last kiss, The world will certainly miss… MARY

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