Tagus River Party Boat!!

My friend Karen and her husband are really great at finding exciting things to do here in Lisbon. She is really great at organizing fantastic events for our group of expat and local Portuguese friends. She is the one who organized the Rooftop Restaurant gatherings where I keep getting to meet new friends and extend my network here in Lisbon. This time, she got about 14 of us together for a Sunset Tagus River Boat Cruise!

Everyone prepared and brought delicious food and plenty of drinks for the 3 hours that we’d be out on the river. Even though I’m still apprehensive about densely populated group outings, I knew that everyone would have to show proof of vaccination or they would have to pass a Covid test to even board the boat. Everyone passed and we left the dock and set out for a night of fun!

Within the first fifteen minutes, the booze was flowing and so were the dolphins that we saw! There was a group of about 40 to 50 of them cresting as we got close to the April 25th bridge! It was easy to see how one could miss the beauty of the sites and monuments on the shore as we were having so much fun with each other and immersed in our own conversations with new and old friends.

The sun went down, and it was stunningly beautiful! I felt both lucky and blessed that I live in this magnificent city of 7 hills and all that it has to offer. And, I am amazed that each new experience here just adds to the moments that I will continue to cherish forever.

I will tell you that even though it was a blistering 91 degrees when we left the shore, it was chilly and windy on the return back to the port. I should have heeded the advice of my friend Karen and brought a light jacket but even with the chill, the goosebumps from this experience were enough to keep me cozy till the end! I hope you enjoy the video!

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