Beautiful Lisbon, Portugal – By Drone!!

Those of you who remember my video from Madeira where I hiked the Pico Arierio peaks will remember a Drone video shot at the beginning. And, if you saw that, you would have seen me waving on the peak at the last moments of the drone shot. Obviously, that wasn’t me operating the drone! I was happy that my friend Derek, who was taking video for himself, fortuitously captured me walking and waving along the ridge! That is what inspired me to buy a drone!

I have had so many experiences here in Lisbon and have gotten to know each and every inch of the entire city and surrounding neighborhoods. Everyday, I wake up and reconfirm that moving here was the best decision of my life! So, after buying my own drone, and getting a lot of instruction and practice on how to use it, I set out to capture some of my favorite icons and spots around Lisbon.

I hope you enjoy this Lisbon Drone video montage as I had so much fun shooting it and making it! I think you all are going to see quite a bit more drone footage in future videos! Should be a lot of fun!


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