Rocky Mountain High in Colorado!

On a recent trip back to the USA, I spent some time with my nephew, Sean, in Colorado, who took me on an unforgettable hike that included some very anxious moments!

After a few days of crappy weather, we finally got a break. We arrived at Reynolds Ranch County Park at 9 AM and were promptly greeted by a family of deer trotting across the parking lot. Can’t beat that for kicking off a hike!

I took a lot of video! Me and my iPhone were ready for all of the wildlife and nature that the Rockies had to offer on that day… except for cougars! The last thing I wanted to see was a cougar, but when we walked around the very next turn, we stopped in our tracks!

Check out my very first experience in the Rockies in the video at the bottom of this page!!!

It wasn’t all about hiking! We also enjoyed some amazing meals, checked out a casino and tipped a few glasses.

He also showed me Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Morrison, Colorado, ten miles west of Denver. It’s a truly amazing, open-air amphitheater that’s built into a rock structure with incredible, colorful rock formations and the most awesome scenery, 360°. Concerts here must really… “ROCK!” (Sorry. I couldn’t resist!) 😉

I had such a remarkable time visiting Sean that I’m already planning another trip so he can show me some more trails, hopefully with no cougars!

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