My vaccine: 35K miles and a mile high – Priceless!!!

While I was in Nazaré for a week last month, I seen that several of my friends on our expat WhatsApp group chat were stating that they were going back to the US for their vaccinations. Knowing that I wasn’t going to be eligible for mine, here in Portugal, until July or August, I cut my giant-wave Nazaré getaway short to plan my own vaccination vacation.

I scheduled a flight to Atlanta for that weekend to get the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. That’s the shot for me – one and done! Who would schedule the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and have to fly across the Atlantic, twice???

I had to rush, just a little, but everything fell into place nicely. It was all scheduled; my PT covid test in Atlanta, my round-trip flight, my Atlanta AirBnB, and my Johnson & Johnson vaccination appointment. I was ready to be vaccinated! The plan was running smoothly, or so it seemed.

THEN, just six hours before I was to board my flight, unbelievably, the J&J shot was paused in the US over safety concerns! WHAT?! I wasn’t sure what to do. I guess, rescheduling my flight makes sense. So, I called the airline, but was informed that my flight was non-refundable. Ok, keep calm and carry on…  Option B. I got on the flight and scheduled my Pfizer vaccination when I arrived in Atlanta, which meant I would be flying back 3 weeks later for the second! My health and the health of my friends and the people I have contact with is priceless and worth the extra effort. And besides, I’m retired, so why not?!

While in Atlanta for my first shot, I really enjoyed visiting friends and a few of my old favorite hang-outs. The time went pretty quick and before I knew it, I was once again heading for Atlanta, for my second dose. This time, I had also booked a flight to Denver to see my nephew Sean, who invited me for a visit and some hiking in the Rockies! I have never been to Denver and I hadn’t seen Sean in a little over a year. So, how could I resist?!

In Denver, the weather was kind of crappy for a couple of days, but then the sun parted the clouds as if sending us a signal, a personal message… “Head for the mountains!”

I hope you enjoy the video! Also, I took a lot of video of the Rocky Mountain hiking and will put something together for you to see, soon.

Until next time!

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