The unexpected reason I may leave Lisbon!

pronounced – kĕsh • kīsh

It’s true – I may be leaving. After living here in Lisbon for over four months, I have really come to love her and her beautiful parks, streets, timeless architecture and her people. But, something has changed, something has come between us. My mind is wandering back to the exotic beauty and warm embrace of another… another city, that is! My recent 5 day getaway to Cascais had such a profound affect on me, relocating could very well be in the cards!   

The resort town of Cascais is a 40 minute scenic train ride from Lisbon

Cascais is a coastal resort town just 32 km (20 miles) west of Lisbon. It’s known for its sandy beaches and busy marina, which has hosted The America’s Cup World Series. It’s a mix of sunny beaches, old-town charm, historical sites, and lavish villas, with an imposing 15th century Citadel that would make any pirate think twice! The best way I can describe it is, an elegant fusion of Portugal meets California. 

At the heart of Cascais is its beautiful historic city center with the traditional Portuguese character of dramatically designed cobblestone streets. Through out the city of over 200,000 residents, are historic monuments, museums, chic boutiques, restaurants of every cuisine and a variety of thirst quenching pubs!  Not to mention the many tourist shops and attractions, including a Ferris wheel!

In the video below there are a few scenes of the spectacular white-sand beaches which symbolize the Portuguese Riviera. There’s actually 4 main beaches within walking distance of the city center; Praia da Conceiceo, Praia da Duquesa, Praia da Rainha and Praia da Ribiera. Then, to the north, the dramatically wild and untamed coastline of Serra de Sintra. These high cliffs, which have been mercilessly battered and eroded by the full force of the Atlantic throughout time, offer up postcard worthy pictures from any and every angle! You can also see Guincho beach in the video, where surfers flock to from all over Portugal and the rest of Europe. I took my wetsuit, but shops were closed due to the pandemic so I could not rent a board! Disappointed, as I was relegated to envious observer, but even that was enjoyable. I shall return!  

The Farmer’s Market in Cascais

Even the food is different.  Like a scene from out of the past, seasoned fisherman still leave from shore in the early morning, returning with their catch of sardines, crabs, mussels, robalo (seabass), dourado (Bream), and octopuses. I ate seafood every day!  While there are many restaurants to choose from, they also have a farmers’ market that is open every Wednesday and Saturday.

I’m just so impressed and enamored by the charm of this beautiful coastal resort, with its incredible beaches. As much as I love Lisbon, I’m seriously considering packing my belongings and dropping anchor in this town called Cascais! I’ll have to give this a lot of thought, in a hurry, because the clock is ticking on my 6 month lease. I’ll let you know what I decide!

I hope you take a few minutes to enjoy this short video which I really enjoyed making! Just a little of the beauty from around Cascais! Please hit the like and share! 

9 thoughts on “The unexpected reason I may leave Lisbon!

  1. Kathy James

    I LOVE Cascais!! My mom and I stayed in Estoril (we liked casinos) but would walk or taxi to Cascais several times in our 2 week stay. We were there every April from ’79-’96. In 2018 I took my daughter and we had reservations for this past October to go again but….then covid. We are hoping to be able to go this October but who knows. Can’t wait to go back.

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    1. Hi Kathy! I’m glad to hear it from somebody that has experience being there! It sounds like you know it well and that you will be back eventually after Covid. I love that the train ride is only 40 minutes from the city center of Lisbon. Stay safe!


  2. Lisa Ritter

    We just moved to Cascais in November after being tourists of sorts there for the past 4 1/2 years, after buying an apartment in the fall of 2016. We absolutely love it. Today is the first day we can go back to our favorite restaurant to dine after it closed in January for the lock down. Happy! Happy! Happy!
    It is easy to see how your head was turned! 😉

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    1. Hey Lisa! Maybe we will end up being neighbors! I am only five months old to Lisbon but I’ve always been a beach guy. Actually heading to Nazare this week now that we’re not on total lockdown anymore. Yup!! Happy! Happy! Happy!


      1. Co

        Looking for a place to enjoy swimming everyday, does Cascais have same temperature as south coast of Portugal year around ?


      2. Lisa Ritter

        We are near Casa da Guia, up the coast from Boca do Inferno. Let us know when you’re in town and we can meet for a coffee or cocktail.

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