The Rhythm of Life

Music is the universal language of mankind

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Another gorgeous Spring day found me strolling across the sun-soaked cobblestones of the Praça do Comércio, (Commerce Square). With COVID-19 measures easing up a bit last week, more and more people are slowly coming out of their cocoons of isolation to begin living life again. The stores and restaurants have been given the go to reopen with some restrictions, of course. You can almost feel it in the air – the anticipation of a sense of normalcy.

As I walked, I began to hear the sounds of street performers doing their thing. It was live music! Something that I have really missed during this past few months. I scanned the area and took notice of a couple sitting close to the bank of the Tagus. It was a young man and woman singing and playing their instruments, and it was just fantastic! I proceeded toward them to enjoy a little of their sweet music. It was reggae they were playing, and it sounded so beautiful.

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I complemented them on their performance and we introduced each other. The young woman, Sari, is from Portugal and her partner, Shamo, is from France. It turns out they are professional musicians who, like everyone else, look forward to the end of the pandemic. They call themselves, CocoPilots, and they have played in several countries around Europe and beyond. They were super friendly and so much fun to talk with! Not only did they allow me to record one of their songs, which you can see in the video below, they agreed to an interview for my Lisbon Files series. Awesomeness! The link to their interview is HERE.

I follow them on social media, now, and look forward to catching them at one of the local venues.

I hope you listen to and enjoy the video I put together of CocoPilots and some scenes from around Lisboa!

Next week: Join me as I head for the coast to catch some waves! Can’t wait! Please like and follow! 

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