Proof of Life in Lisbon

Buskers are busking, while the sun shines down on the residents of Lisbon as they run errands, shop, walk their dogs, meet friends at Cafés, or whatever. After over 10 weeks of COVID lockdown, Lisbon is starting to show signs of life, again! A little bit of normalcy is definitely a welcome thing, and so good to …

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Rosa dos Ventos

My Airbnb stay in Nazaré, Portugal (Video below!) The “Rose of the winds,” or “Rosa dos Ventos,” in Portuguese, is the geometric symbol on the face of a compass. It’s also found on maps, nautical charts, marine equipment and even monuments. We’ve all seen it, but I think most land-lovers, myself included, probably don’t even …

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The Rhythm of Life

Music is the universal language of mankind – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Another gorgeous Spring day found me strolling across the sun-soaked cobblestones of the Praça do Comércio, (Commerce Square). With COVID-19 measures easing up a bit last week, more and more people are slowly coming out of their cocoons of isolation to begin living life …

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The Lisbon Files [ep5]

As things start to open up here in Lisbon, with respect to Covid, people are beginning to relax a bit and are venturing outside. On one of my recent, daily walks, I was lucky enough to catch this duo playing some reggae along the Tagus. One of the things I’ve been missing, a lot, is …

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The Farmers Market

(Video at bottom of page) Going to the farmer’s market is on my list of must-do chores a few times each week. And since it’s such a beautiful, sunny day, I put on my shoes, grabbed my empty produce bag and headed out the door.  Farmer’s markets are a big deal, here in Lisbon. In …

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