Tagus River Party Boat!!

My friend Karen and her husband are really great at finding exciting things to do here in Lisbon. She is really great at organizing fantastic events for our group of expat and local Portuguese friends. She is the one who organized the Rooftop Restaurant gatherings where I keep getting to meet new friends and extend …

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Proof of Life in Lisbon

Buskers are busking, while the sun shines down on the residents of Lisbon as they run errands, shop, walk their dogs, meet friends at Cafés, or whatever. After over 10 weeks of COVID lockdown, Lisbon is starting to show signs of life, again! A little bit of normalcy is definitely a welcome thing, and so good to …

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Rosa dos Ventos

My Airbnb stay in Nazaré, Portugal (Video below!) The “Rose of the winds,” or “Rosa dos Ventos,” in Portuguese, is the geometric symbol on the face of a compass. It’s also found on maps, nautical charts, marine equipment and even monuments. We’ve all seen it, but I think most land-lovers, myself included, probably don’t even …

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