Almalfi Coast

My travel agent convinced me that I should drive while on my trip in Italy. I was reticent to do so because of the ledges and cliff roads along the Amalfi coast. I reluctantly agreed to rent one. When I got to the car rental counter, they told me all they had available were manual transmissions. In my head, I thought I would be driving an automatic along those cliffs. I forgot to mention the necessity of an automatic to my travel agent. Then, as I walked away from the rental counter I told them to keep an eye out for the news of the American who drove off the cliff accidentally, because it would be me! Five seconds into my walk away, they waved me back and told me they had one! Even driving an automatic from the airport to the hotel in Naples was crazy. Even more crazy was the drive from Naples to the ruins of Pompeii. Vespas darting in and out everywhere. One hit the side of my car. Italians do not know how to drive!! Anyway, I made it there OK!

From Naples, I went to Sorrento! Driving the one or Tulane Cliff edge Roads along the Amalfi Coast is indeed treacherous and challenging! Thank God I had an automatic transmission!! I spent my first day there wandering the streets and the cliff edges checking out the beaches below and the narrow stone streets of the city center. The food there is incredible!!

Next, I took a boat trip across the bluest waters to the Isle of Capri. We circled the island and then docked at the main port, Marina Grande. Our guide pointed out the main stone formations of the island including the dramatic Faraglioni, three towering rock formations which jut out from the Mediterranean. I had lunch on the beach and then took the funicular to the top to see the city center. Such a Mediterranean feel with the colors and narrow streets. The temperature of the water at the beach was icy enough to rival the beaches in Portugal but the temperature of the attire on the isle was scorching. Somehow, I managed to blend in with my simple orange T-Shirt. With only a day there, I spent time at the beach, wandering the streets, taking pictures and drone videos and of course, eating some phenomenal seafood!!

I loved Positano, which is the most famous and iconic village on the Almalfi coast! I took the one hour ferry boat there from Sorrento instead of driving. I wasn’t sure how parking would be at the top and it turned out being a better option as we were dropped off right on the beach! The view of the village approaching from the Mediterranean is spectacular! Smiles and laughter were abundant in this magical place. I had my best meal of the trip so far which consisted of baby octopus for an appetizer and mixed grilled fish with squid, shrimp and tuna. The warmth and kindness of the local Italians certainly rivals that of the Portuguese!

I spent one night in Furore and took the opportunity to see the beach and arch-bridge of the Fiordo di Furore. I walked down 2400 stairs to get there from my hotel. Yes, 2400 stairs to descend 600 meters! It was worth it though because once I got there it was a pretty amazing little beach, well ok, rocks to lay on! People were jumping off of the side of the cliff into the water under the arch bridge. After hanging out for a few hours, I climbed back up the 2400 stairs to get back to my hotel. I was exhausted and ready for dinner which consisted of Tuna with Potatoes Furore. Another great day!!

I decided to drive my car along the Almafi coast from Furore to the town of Amalfi. It was so easy compared to driving in Naples which was a tense experience even in a rental car with insurance. I made the right choice as the seaside views were simply stunning, even while driving! However, buses command the cliff roads and own the right of way, of course. Access to sea level parking was quite simple. There’s a sandy beach and a rocky beach and both were fully packed. The streets and narrow pathways here have less of an incline then in Positano. And once again, the food was incredible!

Such an amazing and unforgettable trip over the past week to Italy! The coastline, the culture, history, architecture and kindness of the locals. Oh, but the food won the trip hands down! One of my favorite meals shown in this post was the Pasta Ragu with stewed beef. Somehow the amazing Italian cuisine took away the headache of driving in Naples! And even though I somehow managed to lose my PT residence ID and my rental car got hit by a Vespa, I wasn’t stressed out at all! Such a breathtaking part of this world! I will go back. Hope you enjoy the pics and vids! Ciao!

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