Porto, Portugal: Evening sunset by drone!

My last post was all about the city of Porto, but only daytime drone and video camera shots. I showed you the wonderful, vibrant city during the day set to the beautiful Portuguese busker music of Bruna Costa. The city has such an amazing vibe during the day, but once the sun sets, it becomes even more beautiful and even livelier! Again, I found myself roaming the Douro River along Ribiera. I’ll keep this intro short as I described the city in my last post. Please enjoy the night time video of this amazing city with Miss Bruno Costa singing Lady Gaga in the background!!

3 thoughts on “Porto, Portugal: Evening sunset by drone!

  1. Sara M

    Loved the footage and to know about your music skills! Great influences there ( Led Zep and AC/DC). Wishing you a great retirement here in Portugal.
    All the best Johnny. ✌

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