I tried my hand at some Stand Up Comedy…

When McDonalds announced they were closing in Russia, I told one of my friends that we might not see a no fly zone, but at least we got a no fry zone. Ok, Ok, that might be a bad joke or a great joke depending on your sense of humor! It’s no joke that we’re close to WWIII with what Putin has unbelievably started and it’s a shame. I support Ukraine and that’s no joke. History will remember President Zelensky as a heroic and stoic leader and Putin will be remembered in the same vane as Hitler, Stalin, Maduro and Mugabe. I hope for all of our sake and especially those living and fighting in Ukraine that they stay safe and live to see another day.

On a less-serious side, I have been keeping a notebook of the differences between America and Portugal since my arrival here in Nov of 2020. Some of them are pretty interesting and… funny! My friends and I went to a comedy night about a month ago at a coffee shop named Selva here in Lisbon. There were 10 comedians. Five would perform their 5 minute routine, then a 5 minute “Portuguese” intermission (which is actually 20:) and then the remaining 5 would perform. Some were really funny, some were not so funny and two of them totally bombed. But, the crowed was really appreciative and nice to those two that bombed. It was such a fun night and I thought that I might want to give it a try!

So, I started writing my own comedy routine with my notes and refined each joke over the next week. I even practiced my routine in from of my doorman and then the Uber driver who took me to Selva! They loved it.

I knew that from my Enterprise Software Sales career that I could present material very relaxed, professionally and successfully to large crowds in a “sales” capacity. But, I wasn’t sure how I would do with comedy. When I was introduced by the host, Ash, he told everyone that it was my first attempt at Stand Up Comedy. Ughh!! No pressure now!

My friends and the other comedians that night thought I nailed it! I think I did too! I’m definitely going to do it again!!! I hope you enjoy the 8 minutes (3 minutes over) that Ash let me do!!

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