Healthcare in Portugal/My first visit to the Doctor

Is navigating healthcare in Portugal difficult? Where did I get it? How much did it cost? How does it compare to USA healthcare? If you’re considering moving to Portugal, or if you’re just curious about Portuguese healthcare and costs associated with it, you might find my experience with the SNS, interesting. The SNS is Serviço Nacional de Saúde, (National Health Service of Portugal). Join me, in the video below, on a scenic Bolt ride through Lisbon to the state-of-the-art Hospital Cuf Tejo, where I had my first doctor appointment since moving here. If you like it, please hit the like and follow! And share!

One thought on “Healthcare in Portugal/My first visit to the Doctor

  1. Larry


    I just watched your video on YouTube about your first doctor’s visit. You mentioned in the video the cost of your insurance being 70 euro. Can you share with me who you have your insurance through? How much coverage you have? I am in my early 50s and just moved here with my wife.

    Thank you


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